Why Buy An Adult Bib?


Who needs an adult bib?  The answer is "everyone".


In this fast paced world we live in most of us eat in the car, at the office desk, at the counter standing up, in the recliner, and even in bed.  When there is time to sit at the table we are often in clothes that we don't want to mess up.  So what we all need is a cover-up that is easy to store, easy to wash, easy to put on AND attractive.


What about when someone in the family is sick and must stay in bed?  The best way to keep them clean and keep the bed linens clean is to cover them with a bib before serving food.


What about an older person who spills a little more than they would like to?  We can help them protect their clothing with a beautiful/handsome reversible bib that says something about them.  A beautiful reversible bib with flowers, apple pies, quilts, colorful designs make super gifts for the ladies.  For the men, there are sports and wildlife themes as well as simple manish plaids or solid colors.


So consider an adult bib if you haven't already.  I'll bet that you can think of many other uses for them!!!!

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Poinsettia-Snowflake Crumb Catcher
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Poinsettia-Snowflake Adult Bib w/Pkts
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Holiday Cupcakes/Red-Green-Pkts
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Poinsettia-Holly Adult Bib w/Pkt

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