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The mission of The Bib Shoppe is to provide customers with the best quality products on the market.  Fabric and pattern designs are chosen with great care and research.  The Bib Shoppe is owned by the entrepreneurial team of Patti and Evelyn.  The Bib Shoppe started with the inspiration of Patti's father who happens to be a serial spiller.   After his excitement of receiving four adult bibs, the vision was formed.

The Bib Shoppe is an online custom manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of unique, fashionable, adult bibs and more.  Like most startups, The Bib Shoppe had humble beginnings.  Armed with a modest budget, each item was hand sewn at first. Trying out their ideas first on friends and relatives, Patti and Evelyn began to see a wider commercial appeal and quickly found it necessary to contract with professional sewing companies.

By meeting the needs of the young and young at heart, The Bib Shoppe provides colorful, well-made trendy protection for everyday spills and upsets.  Keeping with the idea of protecting nice apparel, The Bib Shoppe has a line of chic, eye catching, adult boutique bibs, towel bibs, toddler dress bibs, Snuggle Buddy Lovies, and dishtowel oven door dresses. These items are perfect for busy moms, grandparents, babies, and toddlers.

In addition to its traditional customers, The Bib Shoppe's products have found a niche and following among baby gift shops, day care centers, assisted living homes, and schools.   Even wildlife specialists, who rehabilitate oil soaked animals and birds, have discovered these unique products!

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Poinsettia-Snowflake Crumb Catcher
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Poinsettia-Snowflake Adult Bib w/Pkts
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Holiday Cupcakes/Red-Green-Pkts

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